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Before school begins, Kindergarten parents are offered an orientation seminar by the administration to explain the school´s philosophy and mission. Teachers and psychologists also prepare the parents for the transition of their child from play school to a true working environment in Kindergarten. The school´s expectations are outlined and parents are advised as to how they can help their child attain them.

Kindergarten engages in its bilingual program from the very first day of class. Children are in school from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.. Half of the day is spent with the English teacher and the other half with the Spanish teacher.

The English teacher works through an integrated program which includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The Spanish teacher follows a similar integrated course of studies. Specialist teachers offer Religion and Music once a week. A special emphasis is placed on the child feeling comfortable and happy in school so that he can develop a personal identification with the institution. All scholastic activities are geared towards increasing the child´s academic, motor and social skills and self-esteem.

Kindergarten is also included in all special events, and the children are encouraged to prepare activites for their participation in CEP´s International Day, the 3rd of November, English Week and Book Week, Field Days etc.

Parents are an integral part of the Kindergarten program, and many are invited to explain the nature of their job or profession to the group. In an effort to increase the children´s awareness of their community and how it functions, excursions are made to airports, fire stations, stores and factories, bakeries and pizza parlours where hands-on activities make dreams come true!

By the end of the year, children are ready to go to 1st grade, confident in their skills and ability to follow basic instructions and learn in two languages.