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Nuestra Historia

The Episcopal School of Panama, a co-educational, bilingual school, was founded in April 1960 in answer to the real urgent needs of parents who were seeking a school which would give their children a solid foundation in the English Language, as well as preparation for further study in Spanish, and would therefore make it possible for the students to continue their education in either one of the two languages.

In its initial year, the school offered a pre-school department and grades one to three at elementary level. Later, as the school grew, education was extended through two twelfth grade.
The school originally opened in premises in a house in Bella Vista, but it has been firmly established on its present site in Nuevo Reparto El Carmen for many years.

The school is available to all families who sympathize with its aims and Christian tradition, but because the school insists upon a high academic standard and demands a strong performance from its students, applicants are selected who give evidence of possessing the intellectual capacity, aptitudes, emotional stability and behavior necessary for the program of studies offered.

The student body is comprised of twenty-one nationalities, twelve native languages, fifteen religious affiliations and all possible racial combinations. The school follows the official Panamanian school calendar which runs from March through December.

Every effort is made to meet the needs of those international families whose professional interests take them into many parts of the world, and whose one hope of continuity in their child’s education is an English-speaking school.

The Episcopal School of Panama operates under the auspices of the Diocese of Panama. The Director and Assistant Principal are appointed by the Bishop and are directly responsible to him. They are responsible for the administration of the school and its policies.

Priests are responsible for the administration for the chapel services and Religious Instruction.