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In the Secondary School (Grades 7 through 12) preparation continues to be bilingual. In addition, an intensive French language course is included at all levels. All students graduate from the Episcopal School with at least three languages. The school offers a common course of study until the end of tenth grade. At that point students begin courses either for a Diploma in Arts and Sciences, or for a Diploma in Humanities with an Emphasis on Languages. The former course includes three pure sciences, whilst the latter includes Environmental Science and Japanese, enabling a student to graduate speaking four languages.

During their stay in the Secondary School, students are prepared for DELF examinations (French language Proficiency tests organized by the French Ministry of Education), TOEFL (English Language Proficiency tests) and the PSAT. ADVANCED PLACEMENT examinations are available to those who wish to participate. Students are helped to prepare for the SAT, which they take at local testing centers. Approximately 40 – 50% of each graduating class goes on to a university education outside Panama. Over a period of many years, without exception, 100% of graduates have gone on to a university education.

The Episcopal School of Panama provides its students with all the necessary books for the courses offered.