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Our school

There are who psychologist and two special-needs experts available to all students. The elementary and Junior High Counseling Program has been designed to address problems that may arise in a student's emotional or academic development.

In the High School the Counseling program has three main objectives. The fir is to continue to address any emotional or academic difficulties a student may have. The second is to ensure are expertly guided to an appropriate course of study in their final two years in school. Thirdly, the program is designed to ensure that students choose a university career suited to their interests and ability, and to be labor market to which they will be later exposed. The program begins in 10ht and 12th grade. Eleventh graders attend Saturday workshops where various universities, different careers and the labor market are examined. All students must take the PSAT during this year of study. Finally in their senior year, students are given a series of aptitude tests and one-to counseling on their choice of career and choice of university. Supervision of the application process to foreign universities, whether in Canada, the United States Mexico, South America or Europe, is also included in the program. To help seniors make considered choices they are offered a series of talks by local professionals, ex-students and local and foreign universities. They attend all conferences related to Careers organized within the local community. Every attempt is made to help worthy students acquire scholarships